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"All great achievements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."
  -Alexander Graham Bell

We will explore with you your goals, needs and the "big picture" organizational issues to help you determine what kind of service or program will best hit the mark.  Through the services outlined below we can help you build teams that excel in achieving both results and high morale.

Team Consulting Services

We offer team consulting and facilitation services in the following areas:

Team Start-Up Development

Group Process Consulting

Team Conflict Facilitation

Ongoing Team Coaching

Strategic Planning Facilitation


Meeting Kick-Offs & Energizers

"It should be fun, the process ought to be exciting and fun. The person who’s not having any fun is doing something wrong."
- James Burke, Former Chairman, Johnson & Johnson

Do You Need To…

Provide a dynamic, fun "kick-start" for a meeting?

Involve participants in an action-oriented keynote?

Build camaraderie and esprit de corps?

Increase meeting productivity by setting the right tone?

Foster "fun" as a value in your culture?

Motivate employees?

Celebrate successes?

Enhance teamwork?

End a conference with a bang?

Customized Team Building

Team-building with intact work teams - whether a project team, a department, or a senior level executive team - is a highly customized process. It is important that any team building be designed to address the specific needs and objectives of your group. After talking with you about your group and your organization, we will propose a program to achieve your desired results. Using an indoor or outdoor classroom, the focus of the teambuilding may include:

Project Team Kick-Off

Developing Group Norms

Ice Breakers & Games

Communication Excellence

Team Leadership

Clarifying Objectives

Giving Feedback

Diversity & Cross-Cultural Issues

Fostering Trust

Recharging Morale

Performance Standards

Decision-Making / Problem-Solving Skills

Rewards & Recognition

Celebrating Success


Conflict Effectiveness

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