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Play For Peace
Peace is being created through play. It's happening all over the globe. In Bosnia, the Middle East, United States, Central America and South Africa, children from conflicting cultures & ethnic groups are coming together through the simple act of cooperative play. You can help!

Kindred Spirits Tour & Travel
Our vision is to foster inspiring experiences, cross-cultural connections, and awareness of global issues to make a positive difference in communities throughout the world. Contact us to:

Build relationships with your children, spouse, friends, and / or colleagues while serving others.

Live, learn, and help others in such places as Ecuador, Australia, Peru, Africa or the New Mexico desert.

Have an adventure like no other on your "volunteer vacation"!

The Milestones Project 
A photographic tribute to our shared humanity. A million people diminishing hatred one by one.
It is only ignorance that divides us into "us" and "them". It is fear of those who are different that breeds 
inhumanity and war. But if there is one thing we have learned as a result of September 11th, it is that we cannot simply wait and hope for fear and hatred to go away. We must banish hatred if we are to make safe our world. Is it possible to do that? We believe it is. For beneath our business suits and burkas, beneath our skins of white and brown, beyond the beliefs and traditions we honor when we bow our heads in prayer, we are a single people, all striving for joy and meaning in an unpredictable world. When we can replace our fear of those who are different with a sense of our shared humanity, we will safeguard our planet from hatred and war. You can help!  

Rocky Mountain Institute

"Business strategies built around the radically more productive use of natural resources
can solve many environmental problems at a profit."    - Lovins & Hawken, Harvard Business Review
Profits, enterprise, opportunity are ideas not usually part of the environmental debate. They should be, and Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, nonprofit research, consulting & education organization, is making sure they are.

Cultural Connections
Are you getting the best performance and productivity  from your Latin American workforce?  Nina Colburn of Cultural Connections, an affiliate of Peak Experiences International, consults and offers workshops to middle level management and corporate leaders on how to maximize productivity and management potential of the largest growing ethnic and racial minority in America's workforce. From extended research and experience Nina has found that the Latin American worker in the United States requires extensive training to understand the cultural expectations for a worker in the United States. She is often requested to offer workshops, in Spanish, to Latin American workers in U.S. businesses. Nina is 100% bilingual and has served as a cultural liason between the United States and Mexico for several international corporations. She has also worked for the United States Trade Office and the United States Embassy in Mexico City where she lived for 30 years. Other organizations Nina has worked with include General Electric, Con Agra, the U.S Federal Court System, and General Foods Corporation. To find out more about her services and workshops visit her website at:

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