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“If you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there….”
- Chesire Cat, Alice In Wonderland



This is a fun & challenging activity that is packed with learnings for leadership & team development. The following are examples of objectives that organizations have chosen to target with this activity:

 Have fun getting to know one another better apart from work.

Foster effective processes for communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict management.

Manage time & resources efficiently.

Examine collaboration vs. competition.

Sharpen strategic planning skills.

Clarify your vision.

Promote understanding & appreciation of differing leadership styles – and which styles are most appropriate for different situations.

Understand the importance of balance between a “bottom-line” focus and sustaining positive team relationships.


The Orienteering Challenge engages participants on many levels: intellectual, emotional, and physical. It is an activity that requires the practice of both technical skills and people skills to ensure success – the same as in any business endeavor. After learning the technical skills of map and compass use, your team (divided into sub-teams) will strategize on how to find the most markers scattered around a landscape – within a prescribed amount of time. Each marker is valued at a different dollar / point amount – based on the difficulty of reaching that marker. Strategy is crucial. At each marker there may also be additional challenges to be met or problems to be solved – thus adding a multi-tasking element. No one skill alone – physical, mental, or social – will ensure success. One group may be physically stronger than another, but if they are moving in the wrong direction they’ll just get lost faster!  One team may have an expert in the technical skills of navigation, but if the whole team has not “bought in” to the strategy & goals – poor morale and drop-outs may result. Welcome to the orienteering “practice field” for high performance leadership and teamwork!



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