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Spend 1-3 nights camping in the spectacular Colorado high country.
Plan & implement a strategy to reach the summit of a 12,000 to 14,000 ft. peak.
Stretch yourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.
Discover & apply the psychology of mountain climbing to your own personal, professional & team development.


"There’s no better allegory than mountain climbing. It’s got struggle, courage, and spiritual enlightenment all rolled into one. It gives an overview; it clears the fog from the head and heart; you rarely return the same from what poet Eunice Tiejtens described as ‘the white windy presence of eternity."    - Anon

"Mountains continue to be a part of the way we find out who we are. They are an opportunity to exert ourselves, to see things in a clearer light, to feel things we have not felt….That gives us real joy. That is why we beetle over ridgetops and down the slopes, probing the secrets of wooded valleys and the haughty shapes of summits. We want to look into the spirit of things and see there hints of our own character."        - Peter Steinhart

"The true result of endeavor, whether on a mountain or in any other context, may be found rather in its lasting effects than in the few moments during which a summit is trampled by mountain boots. The real measure is the success or failure of the climber to triumph - not over a lifeless mountain, but over him or herself."    - Sir John Hunt, The Ascent of Everest

LOCATION: Colorado Rocky Mountains (other locations available)

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