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The unique strength of Peak Experiences lies in our exceptional network of organizational consultants, presenters, trainers & affiliates. Together we bring vast collective experience in the areas of business, organization development, education, psychology and adventure-learning.  Averaging over 18 years experience each, we are all seasoned veterans in the areas of team and leadership development.

Jim Rae, Ph.D.:  Jim brings extensive experience as a former vice president with InnerLink Management Systems, Inc. and as a senior consultant with Executive Ventures Group. With a doctorate in human communication, Jim has taught leadership, team effectiveness, and interpersonal communication at the University of Colorado and Regis University . He has facilitated programs with such organizations as American Leadership Forum, General Electric, US West and Sun Microsystems. Jim also brings extensive skills as an EMT and 15 years experience as a backcountry national ski patrol member.    

Diane Kessel, M.B.A.:  Serving such companies as Steak & Ale, the Young President’s Organization, Bennigan’s, Red Lobster, and Dave & Busters, Diane brings over 25 years experience in executive-level operations, human resources, and training. With her strong foundation in operations management, she ensures the link between human resources practices and bottom-line business results. Diane also enjoys staying active in Rotary International, organizing an annual youth leadership conference in Colorado . A graduate of an Executive Outward Bound program, Diane brings a spirit of adventure to all of her consulting & training services.    

Tim Lane , M.Div.:  A masters degree graduate of Princeton and a veteran facilitator with Outward Bound’s Professional Development Program, Tim is the president of Peak Experiences International, Inc. – founded in 1987. He draws from over 20 years experience facilitating leadership & team development programs and has served as adjunct staff for the Center for Creative Leadership. Tim has worked with such diverse organizations as: Kaiser Permanente, United Way, Procter & Gamble, American Express, the Federal Government and the United States Air Force Academy. Apart from work, Tim loves to mountain bike, rock climb, and go adventuring with his 10-year-old son, Connor.                                      

Mary Stoer-Wenger , M.S.:   A masters-division triathlete and adventure racer, Mary brings a special expertise in the application of sports psychology to personal & professional performance. She is the co-author of "Adventure-Based Training & Behavioral Change", published in the International Journal of Sports Psychology. Organizational clients Mary has worked with include: AT&T, Baxter Travenol, Briggs & Stratton, Hunter-Douglas, Lucent Technologies, and the American Cancer Society. When not working, Mary enjoys being a “soccer mom” with her 11-year-old daughter’s team.  

Mark Kunimune , M.B.A.:  A Japanese-American and native of Hawaii, Mark brings over 20 years experience in the fields of education & training. His clients have included such organizations as AT&T, Sheridan Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Denver University ’s Graduate School of International Studies. He has also served as the organizational development specialist at Children’s Hospital in Denver , Colorado . An adventurer and athlete, Mark has competed in Tin Man competitions and is a veteran of the infamous Molokai Ocean Canoe Race in Hawaii .

Faith Evans, M.Ed.  Faith brings a special expertise in creating an atmosphere of playfulness, fun, and laughter to her keynotes and trainings. She draws on over 30 years of experience in the fields of education, training and speaking.  With a masters degree in education she has conducted numerous team-building, leadership development, and play workshops for such organizations as Merck, Jeep, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte & Touche, United Way , and the Council for Hotel  & Restaurant Trainers. Faith is also a much sought-after speaker for conference keynotes, having recently received the prestigious "Kurt Hahn Address Award" from the Association for Experiential Education. She has delivered keynotes for such organizations as American Service Learning, the American Camping Association, North Texas State College, and several regional conferences for the Association for Experiential Education. 

Jorge Gibbons , M.S.:  A native of Argentina , Jorge has been facilitating teambuilding & leadership development programs for the past 20 years. He served as a senior consultant with Dinsmore Associates in Brazil prior to moving to Denver , Colorado with his wife in 2001. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Jorge has worked with more than 60 organizations internationally, including: Merck, Hewlett-Packard, Embratel Telecommunications, BNDES Bank, Amil HMO, Ypiranga Oil, Dupont, and Novartis.  He also teaches in the Chancellor’s Leadership Program at the University of Colorado . Apart from work Jorge enjoys teaching Aikido – a martial art in which he holds a black belt.  

Tom Smith, Ph.D.:  Tom brings over 18 years experience in the fields of education and training – combined with a bachelor’s degree in economics and masters / doctorate degrees in education. Focusing on issues of leadership and teamwork, he has worked with such organizations as Andersen Consulting, Wharton School of Business, University of Chicago , Levi Strauss, and Toyota . With strong outdoor skills and a passion for adventure, Tom has also instructed extensively with the Colorado Outward Bound School.

David Kirberg, M.Ed:  Dave is a 20 year veteran in the experiential training, teambuilding & leadership development business – as well as keynoting conferences on the topic of humor & fun in the workplace. He has worked with a diverse array of clients, including: KPMG Consulting, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Up With People, the Federal Government, and numerous school & community groups. He is certified in administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Personality Style Inventory (PSI) and the DiSC Personal Profile System.  During his time off Dave loves to backpack the mountains and canyons of Colorado & Utah with his teenage son.

Leslie Cancilla , Ph.D.:  Leslie holds a masters degree in education and a doctorate in counseling & career development. Her experience over the past 15 years includes facilitating corporate team & leadership development programs, leading business workshops on life / work balance, and career counseling.  Nike, Kodak and Hewlett-Packard are among the numerous clients she has worked with. An avid outdoor adventurer, Leslie is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School – and enjoys a passion for hiking, skiing and backpacking with her husband, Jim.





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