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"The most powerful learning workshop I have ever attended."
- Rodney Floyd, Manager
Qwest Communications

"This was a very powerful setting and group. Without doubt the most meaningful I have ever attended."
Dan Staples, Production Leader
Coors Brewing Company

"A very moving experience for me. The best leadership workshop that I have attended."
- Linda Higgins, Vice President
Community First Service Corporation

"Very powerful. Makes you discover who and what you are."
- Darrel Atchison, Retail Leader
K-N Energy

"Unbelievably and unexpectedly good….I'd like to thank you again for the tremendous workshop. You'd be proud of the impact it has made on our lives already. It's amazing how much more everyone who attended the workshop is in tune with themselves and each other."
- Dan Schmidt, Manager, Global Advanced Technologies
J.D. Edwards

"This seminar was one of the best I have ever attended and has truly made a positive impact on my life. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone."
- Susanne Chase, Marketing Analyst
Geneva Pharmaceuticals

"This experience is like a daily exercise. Day 1 is a shower. Day 2 is standing naked in front of a mirror. Day 3 is going to the closet to get dressed. The workshop helps you determine the best clothes to wear to go out and face the world."
- David Short, Production
Coors Brewing Company

"Developing the vision statement process forced me to peel back the layers of myself to get to what really matters to me."
- Dianne Williams, President
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Colorado Chapter)

"Helped me define a great vision… and clear up many foggy unproductive practices."
- Lew Stevens, Owner
Healthy Habits Restaurants

"A stop on the highway of life, in which you leave refreshed, centered, more aware of who you are, with a new destination and route to get there."
- Guy Ford, Civil Engineer
Public Highway Authority

"I had no idea how powerful this workshop would be for me personally. I am leaving now with a sense of true understanding and accomplishment."
- Linda Haley, Employee Relations
City of Lakewood

"A very mind-opening workshop for me to venture into myself and build a life & leadership vision to guide me in the future….Very fulfilling."
- Siew Hee Wong, Global Advanced Technologies
J.D. Edwards, Singapore

"This workshop brought together a lifetime of leadership and life concepts into one working model and vision for me."
- Douglas Funk, Manager
CAMAS Colorado, Inc.

"This workshop went a long way in building appreciation of others in the JDE team - building bonds of cooperation and team focus."
- Robert Karsten, Sr. Manager
J.D. Edwards, Global Advanced Technologies

"I moved to a deeper level of trust and self-acceptance than I have ever done before….I truly experienced 'leading from within."
- Amy Loving, Supervisor
Norwest Direct

"This workshop provided an incredible combination of self-learning and awareness building. It provided an environment for self-growth, nurturing and creativity."
- Wendy Seese, Human Resources
Eagle County Government

"This workshop facilitated the process for me to not only return to the passions of my heart, but to articulate them with my colleagues at work."
- Judy Mueller, Manager
J.D. Edwards, Global Advanced Technologies



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