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Focused on leadership development and team building, Leading From Within is offered in two formats: open enrollment programs for individuals and customized contract programs for intact teams. This  three day / two night program is designed to help participants achieve optimal performance as leaders in their personal and professional lives. Through the use of a variety of stimulating and challenging methodologies, participants walk away from this workshop with a renewed sense of purpose, vision, and enhanced leadership capabilities. Intact teams who attend this together build cohesion and establish a strong connection around values, purpose and vision - resulting in longer-term gains in team performance (see Testimonials by members of J.D. Edwards, Global Advanced Technologies team).


  • To assess current leadership strengths and growth potentials.
  • To provide a framework and learning environment where true leadership development can occur.
  • To challenge unwanted patterns of the past and re-create new patterns to live and lead by.
  • To clarify and develop a personal leadership purpose, vision and strategy.
  • To create commitment and accountability around these purposes and visions.


  • We Are All Leaders:   True leadership is not about a "title" in the organization. It is not about someone's DNA or genetic make-up and it is not about levels of education or socio-economic status. Leadership is a way of  being, not simply something we do. It comes from within us. It is about each of us "stepping up to the plate" of life and making a difference for ourselves and for those around us.
  • Being On Purpose:   Once we have accepted the role of leader in our own lives, the next step is to identify our core values, our purpose/mission and our leadership vision. These three components together form the road map for each of us so that we know where we are going, why we are going there, and how we plan to get there. It is through these guiding principles that we gain clarity, direction and focus for our lives.
  • Gaining Accountability:  Now that we have direction, we need to create accountability and support around that direction. To do this, it is critical to share our values, purpose/mission and vision with those around us and ask for their participation in our growth process. By actively enrolling others in our plan, we create a support system, a feedback system and accountability in becoming the person we have declared ourselves to be.
  • Leading With Integrity:   It is vitally important that our everyday actions are in alignment with our values, purpose and personal leadership visions. Being inconsistent in our actions or "ho hum" about our visions will very quickly sabotage all previous efforts to enhancing personal leadership. And there is nothing more deflating than witnessing inconsistency, whether it comes from within ourselves or from others. Hence, it is of the utmost importance for us to be consistent with being the person we have declared ourselves to be and to confirm that with all our actions.
  • Leadership Development Is Ongoing:    Leadership development is an ongoing process that involves a continuous improvement plan. Continuous improvement may involve seeking out feedback on a regular basis or taking skills-based classes and workshops. Revisit your personal leadership vision bi-annually and make any necessary revisions. Life-long learning is a never-ending component of personal leadership.



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