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The challenges that you face as an organization require each individual maximizing their own inner strengths
& resources - as well as supporting one another in a team effort. In this activity each individual is invited to
play two roles - one as a "climber" and one as a support team member. As a climber your challenge is to climb
up a 30-40 foot pole (or tree) and negotiate a series of personal & professional growth opportunities which
resemble an obstacle course built 30-40 feet above the ground. As a support team member, your challenge is
to support the climber (along with 3-6 other support team members). As a support team, you will support your
climber by physically holding the rope connected to them - as well as through encouragement and coaching.
Physical and athletic ability are of less importance than giving 100% of yourself to achieve the best 
results that you can attain - and there are ways to participate actively without intense physical involvement.
We invite you to engage in this activity as a practice field for overcoming the inner obstacles that keep you 
from your goals - and for creating the support system with your co-workers that is critical for high performance 

Time Frame:   4 hours (approximate)

Location:        We utilize sites worldwide!

Program Enhancements:    See Our Process & Tools

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