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Are you getting the best performance and productivity  from your Latin American workforce?  Nina Colburn of Cultural Connections, an affiliate of Peak Experiences International, is a leading authority on Latin American culture. As an American who has lived and worked in Latin America for 30 years, Nina belongs to both cultures and offers a unique perspective. Her consulting, training, and speaking engagements focus on assisting managers and corporate leaders to maximize the productivity and management potential of the largest ethnic or racial minority in America's workforce today. From extended research and experience Nina has found that the Latin American worker in the United States require extensive training to understand the cultural expectations for a worker in the United States. She is often requested to offer workshops, in Spanish, to Latin American workers in U.S. businesses. Nina is 100% bilingual and has served as a cultural liaison between the United States and Mexico for several international corporations. She has also worked for the United States Trade Office and the United States Embassy in Mexico City. Other organizations Nina has worked with include General Electric, Con Agra, the U.S. Federal Court System, and General Foods Corporation. 


"Nina's passion and knowledge of her subject engaged her audience and allowed for tremendous participation. I left the seminar with insights and tips on how to build a cohesive working relationship with our employees. I would recommend that every employer take a look at this seminar to discover how cultural differences are an opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally."  - Lorna Edwards, Fresh Produce Sportswear

"I am working to provide medical services and supplies to Chincha Alta, Peru. Nina's advice on how to interact in ways that are productive and inoffensive has been crucial. I highly recommend her seminars and consulting services."  
- Arlyn La Bair, MD, President, Archemy, PC

"Nina provided much needed sensitivity training for our managers. This gave us insight into how the Latin American cultures think and what motivates actions. Her extensive knowledge of the subject gave us a better understanding of how we could effectively manage our 46% Hispanic employee population. Nina, thanks again for a job well done."  
- Bob Sanders, HR Manager, Castle Rock Construction

"I recommend Nina Colburn and her timely seminar to anyone who is serious about not only understanding their Latino business associates and employees, but maximizing their productivity through improved communication."  
- Chris Dundas, President, Marble Tec

To find out more about her services and workshops, please feel free to contact Nina directly: 303-377-0604 / NinaColburn@msn.com.  Visit Nina's website:  http://www.effectiveculturalconnections.com/ 


Bruce Koranski, an affiliate with PEI,  brings over 20 years of experience in the multicultural, diversity and sexual harassment  fields. With a masters degree in International Studies, Bruce’s forte is providing dynamic trainings and keynote addresses for business, educational groups, and human service organizations related to managing diversity in the workplace. Since 1990 he has been offering diversity seminars and speaking engagements with such organizations as Disney, Lockheed Martin, Storage Technology Corporation, Hewlett-Packard and J.D. Edwards. For thirteen years Bruce served as Director of Planning & Development at the Center for Teaching International Relations, University of Denver – as well as serving as a project consultant for six months in Saudi Arabia.

Every training or speaking engagement is custom-designed to address your specific and unique needs. Hands-on, interactive sessions include dyads, triads, skill demonstrations, instructor role-plays, simulations and small group discussions – all of which provide participants the opportunity to increase awareness, gain knowledge and develop skills for managing a diverse workforce. Each training is facilitated by two-person teams which serve to model effective methods of working together - and represent a diversity of race, gender, and ethnicity.

Feel free to contact Bruce directly at: 303-722-2892 or bkoranski@qwest.net.

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