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"It is always the adventurers who accomplish great things."
- Montesquieu, French philosopher, 18th century


Our corporate adventure training programs focus on executive team building, leadership development, and special teambuilding events for sales teams, project teams, management teams and company-wide meetings. Fun, challenge, and action learning are the trademarks of these trainings.  Your team will be presented with a very unique integration of adventure learning activities, cutting-edge teamwork and leadership concepts, a powerful action-reflection process and spectacular outdoor classrooms. Whether sailing, adventure racing, negotiating a ropes course, rock climbing, canoeing or participating in an experiential simulation game – you will be challenged to develop and practice a superior level of leadership and teamwork.

The Adventure Learning and Training Classrooms

Following an assessment of your group’s needs and objectives, PEI consultants will recommend and co-design a program with you that will address your desired outcomes.

Whatever the chosen adventure experience may be, the areas of focus may include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Visioning

  • Self-Mastery Skills

  • Diversity & Cross-Cultural Issues

  • The Spiritual Dimension of Leadership
  • Team Building

  • Conflict Management

  • Communication Excellence

  • Stress Management

  • Fun & Celebration!

PEI Adventure Training Staff

PEI staff are seasoned veterans of the experiential & corporate adventure training industry. We bring the unique combination of extensive business & professional experience, unequaled adventure resumes, and advanced degrees in the fields of business, psychology, education, counseling and international studies. We are longtime graduates from such schools as Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School – and we continue to be driven by our passion for bringing out the best in people through adventure. (See Meet Our People for more information.) 

PEI’s Adventure Learning Model

"The road to adventure leads to wisdom."
- Celestial Seasonings

The powerful action-reflection model that we use in our adventure training programs is described as follows:

  1. The What

  • Engage in action-learning / adventure activities

  • Explore cutting-edge leadership, team & personal development concepts / models

  • Reflect & renew through solo time

  • Dialogue with fellow participants

  1. The Gut

  • What are my reactions to the activities & ideas presented? What excites me? What empowers me?

  • What disempowers me? What intrigues me? What challenges me?

  • What ideas and feedback fit for me, make sense to me?

  1. The So-What

  • What do these workshop ideas and experiences have to do with my challenges back home and at work?

  • What learnings here apply there?

  1. The Now-What

  • In order to achieve the results I desire I commit to the following actions .…

The Power of Corporate Adventure Learning and Training:  Key Concepts for Business

  • Ad-‘ven-ture: moving into the unknown; a bold enterprise with an uncertain outcome; a remarkable and exciting experience….What better word to describe our personal and professional lives as we begin this new millenium? The adventure classroom is designed to simulate the real world of uncertainty, unpredictability and perpetual change in which we work and live.

  • Experiential: Our coporate adventure training programs are based on an experiential model. The basic beliefs underlying this model are: (1) You are your own best teacher, and (2) People learn best from experience – and from reflecting on experience to gain insights for personal, professional and team development. While we will introduce you to a number of leading-edge theories and concepts, our primary goal in these programs is to create an environment where you will discover and create for yourself your own outcomes. Out of your experience in our programs you will create your own powerful model of effective leadership, teamwork, and /or self mastery. 

  • The Action/Reflection Process: In today’s organizations, most of us focus our energies on "acting" and "doing" in order to get the job done within restricted time frames and limited resources. We find little - if any - time for reflection. Warren Bennis, author of On Becoming A Leader, notes however, that reflection may be the pivotal way in which leaders learn: "Reflection is a way of making learning conscious. Reflection gets to the heart of the matter, the truth of things….Reflection permits us to process our feelings, understand them, resolve our questions, and get on with our work." Action is essential for "getting the job done" – but practicing the skill of reflection is what takes us to the next level of leadership and teamwork. In our programs you will sharpen your reflective skills - individually & collectively - to reap the greatest benefit from all of your life/work experiences. You will also practice the balance between action and reflection, between doing and being – a balance that is translatable back to your everyday work-world.

  • Play: So what do such activities as sailing, climbing, canoeing, playing games or doing a ropes course have to do with personal, professional or team development? Are not such activities simply recreational endeavors or "play"? Peter Senge, America’s foremost champion for "learning organizations" notes that "learning often best occurs through ‘play’, through interaction in a transitional medium where it is safe to experiment and reflect…. When a team goes whitewater rafting or engages in some other outdoor team-building exercise, they are creating a microworld to reflect on and improve the way they work together." How you approach rappelling off a cliff, climbing a mountain, sailing a boat, playing a simulation game – provides a mirror for how you and your team approach other challenges back in the "real world". Through astute observation of yourselves and how you interact with one another during adventure activities – and through a process of reflection & discussion afterwards – you gain significant insights for application at work. Skillful facilitation by PEI’s seasoned facilitators turns each adventure activity into a powerful learning and development opportunity.

  • Wilderness: The wilderness, out-of-doors environment is "wild". It is uncontrollable, constantly changing, and it is far from the routine of our daily lives. This is it’s power in serving as a catalyst for breaking up habitual patterns of thinking and behaving while stimulating new perspectives and new ways of being– both personally and professionally. Outside the bounds of your office, your home, your everyday world – you become energized to recreate yourself and then return to your world on a new bearing.


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